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Workshop to prepare the upcoming prospective clinical trial

The IntelliLung technical team, joined by members from PUPIN in Serbia, made significant progress at a joint workshop in Dresden, working on AI and software development and planning for an upcoming clinical trial with partners from Saxony.

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Joint workshop in Dresden

The IntelliLung technical team made a huge progress during the last week at a joint workshop in Dresden, Germany! Milos Nenadovic and Dejan Paunovic made the journey from PUPIN in Serbia to work on the IntelliLung Decisions Support Software together with the consortium partners from Saxony.

The workshop took place in 2 locations in Dresden: the InfAI office and the EKFZ. Utilizing the two spaces allowed the technical team to split its focus on the AI and software architecture development and planning of the upcoming prospective clinical trial. Hybrid sessions with Valentina Janev (Pupin)  and Jaume Montanya (BetterCare) helped answer some of the technical and clinical questions that arose. Working together in a focused workshop really helped keep the project focused, and sharing lunches and a social dinner built a sense of team comradery.

A big thanks to Robert Huhle, Jakob Wittenstein, and Raphael Theilen from the UKD, Sarah Tsurkan and Evi Hartig from the EKFZ, Marko Käppler from the KKS Dresden, Dejan Paunovic, Milos Nenadovic, and Valentina Janev from PUPIN, and Sahar Vahdati, Jason Li, Roman Ließner, Jens Lehmann, Prathmesh Dudhe and Farhad Safaei from the InfAI for your expertise, your time, your smiles and your good natured jokes. Great things are happening for the IntelliLung team!

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